The Brand

Salt & Sand is a Swedish lifestyle brand that focus on beachwear, resort wear, soft sport and accessories with high quality. Our collections are carefully designed in Stockholm to give you a perfect fit with design that adapts the vibe of slow fashion. Our goal is to create timeless collections that will last for more than one season, they are also always limited to avoid not selling out. In this way we don't have to put on big season sale - and can keep producing new exiting stuff for you ladies!

Salt & Sand begun in 2016, and we launched our first collection in May 2017. Since then, our goal has always been - great fit, slow fashion and limited designs. Salt & Sand is not just a brand, it's a way of life. Wearing a Salt & Sand piece shows that you stand for slow fashion, sustainability and you can be proud to know that your fellow Salt & Sand wearers do to. 


In Sweden, each person consumes about 14kg of textiles per year, while the world average is about 8kg. And in these fabrics the proportion of polyester is increasing, since the production of other materials is not so easy to increase. But polyester, it's plastic there. The amount of plastic in the seas is increasing. Microfiber that is talked about a lot nowadays comes from clothes, and it’s is everywhere. We eat the microfibers because they are found in fish that we eat. Therefore, we need better textile production and new methods for recycling textile materials. - Nawar, Kadi.

As a small fashion brand, we shouldn’t be adding on to the carbon footprint. Therefor we adapt slow fashion where we only produce limited collections. This means that when something is sold out we do not restock - but if we do, we always check how much we need to purchase, on-demand sales. By doing this we can decrease the amount of pieces that won’t be sold, and help out in a way to make the world more sustainable. Our aim is to be 100% sustainable, in the use of recycled materials and production for our collections and packaging. Every year is one step closer to our goal.