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Sustainability & CSR

Sustainability & CSR policy

At Salt & Sand we incorporate sustainability in our business model. We believe that every company can do something to ensure a more sustainable way of doing business, whether you are a solo entrepreneur or a world-leading bank.

So, how does Salt & Sand contribute to a more sustainable industry?

First and foremost the blueprint we use is called the triple bottom line. This is a CSR strategy model which points out the relationship between profit, planet, and people. In short, every decision we make needs to be in balance with the three P’s. E.g can we make a profit? Yes. Is the decision harmful to people (workers etc)? No. Is the decision favorable for the planet relative to other options (climate impact etc)? Yes. In this case, the decision would be a good one.

We also use our own CSR model RICS in our day-to-day operations.

- Returns. One of the most challenging factors in e-commerce and particularly in the fashion industry is returns. Just above 30% of all e-commerce orders globally are returned. This is a huge problem in terms of carbon footprint and climate impact. At Salt & Sand, we have developed an operations management strategy that has proven to be very successful and keeps our return rate very low at just 6%.

- Inventory depreciation and waste. In the fashion industry, a lot of companies have huge problems with inventory waste. Some companies even burn (yes, burn) pieces that didn’t sell. To prevent a surplus of inventory and the negative effects that come with that, we use an ”on-demand” model together with data analytics to always try to deliver ”just in time”. A surplus inventory is often the product of ”too fast fashion”. We work hard to stay on the demand curve, neither below nor above.

- Optimize carriers management. We work with different carriers when shipping your orders. Depending on location and timing, we use different ones depending on what's not only the quickest alternative but the best one overall. This is a challenge but we try to do our best to deliver not only as fast as possible, but together with as many other packages as possible with the shortest route possible.

-Suppliers. We work with different suppliers in Bali and China. By using different manufacturers we can be agile and flexible in terms of production and supply chain management. Just like we work really hard optimizing carriers management we work equally hard to make sure that the supply chain is optimized. In practice, this means that we can be ”ad hoc” and switch (or combine) supply chain strategies to lower negative impacts depending on macro factors.

These are a few examples of how we think about sustainability and we are always striving to be better.

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