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How does it work? 

Due to how the fashion industry has adapted the term fast fashion, we want to help by trying to slow it down. We can stop our own mass production by offering you pre-orders.
When you order a product from us that is marked as "pre-order" it will be sewn after purchase. The time of delivery after you buy it is about 3-4 weeks. 


1. You purchase an item that is marked "pre-order".

2. We inform our factory by placing an order with them.

3. The factory will start production.

4. The production is done and your item is shipped to us. 

5. The item reaches our office and is inspected. 

6. Your item is packed and shipped to you! 

We thank you for shopping smart! 

Returns on Pre-orders:

If you wish to make a return on a product you pre-ordered you just follow our steps on Returns & Refunds*. 


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